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ferulic acid skin

  • Azelaic Acid

    Contact NowAzelaic AcidProduct Name: Azelaic Acid
    Purity: 99%
    Appearence: Colorless to Light Yellow Crystal Powder
    CAS NO: 123-99-9
    EINECS NO: 204-669-1
    Boiling Point(℃): 286.5℃(13.3kPa)
    Melting point: 105-109℃
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  • Tranexamic Acid

    Contact NowTranexamic AcidProduct Name: Tranexamic Acid
    Specification: 99%
    Appearance: White Powder
    Mesh size: 80 Mesh
    Grade: Pharmaceutical&Cosmeic Grade Brand: Name: LS-Herb
    Test Method: HPLC
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  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract HCA (Hydrogen Citric Acid) Weight Loss

    Contact NowGarcinia Cambogia Extract HCA (Hydrogen Citric Acid) Weight LossProdcut name: Garcinia Combogia Extract
    Latin Name: Garcinia Combogia
    Specification: 50%
    Appearance: Light yellow to Off white powder
    Brand Name: LS-Herb
    Test Method: HPLC
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  • Kojic Acid Dipalmitate

    Contact NowKojic Acid DipalmitateProdcut Name: Kojic Acid Dipalmitate
    Assay: 98%
    Synonym: Kojic dipalmitate, KAD
    Chemical Name:
    2-Palmitoyloxymethyl-5-palmitoyloxy-pyrone; 2-Palmitoyloxymethyl-5-palmitoyloxy-γ-pyrone
    CAS NO.: 79725-98-7
    Molecular Formula: C38H66O6
    Molecular Weight: 618.9
    Appearance: White Crystals Powder
    Melting point: 92~96℃
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  • Pomegranate Extract Ellagic Acid

    Contact NowPomegranate Extract Ellagic AcidProduct Name: Pomegranate Extract Ellagic Acid
    Latin Name: Punica granatum L.
    Specification: 40% Test method: HPLC
    Apperance: Grey yellow powder
    Particle size: 100% pass 80 mesh
    Place of origin: Shaanxi Province , China
    Shelf life: 24 months
    Brand Name: LSHERB
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  • Citric Acid Anhydrous

    Contact NowCitric Acid AnhydrousProdcut Name: Citric Acid Anhydrous
    CAS No.: 77-92-9
    Appearance: White Powder Mesh size: 70-80 Mesh
    Used Part: None
    Grade: Food
    Test Method: HPLC
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  • Sage Extract, Carnosic Acid

    Contact NowSage Extract, Carnosic AcidProduct Name: Sage Extract, Carnosic Acid
    Latin Name: Salvia japonica Thunb
    Specification: 10:1, Carnosic Acid 5%-60%
    Test method: TLC / HPLC
    Apperance: Brown Yellow Powder
    Particle Size: 100% pass 80 mesh
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  • Benzoic Acid

    Contact NowBenzoic AcidProduct Name: Benzoic Acid
    CAS No.: 65-85-0
    Other Names: Carboxybenzene
    MF: C7H6O2
    EINECS No.: 200-618-2
    Type: Preservatives
    Brand Name: LS-herb
    Appearance: White crystallized powder
    MW: 122.1214
    Grade: Food Grade
    Purity: 99%
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  • Rosmarinic Acid

    Contact NowRosmarinic AcidProduct Name: Rosmarinic Acid
    Herb Source: Rosmarinus officinalis
    Part Used: Leaf
    Appearance: Yellow or Yellow Brown Powder
    Specification: Rosmarinic Acid 3%, 5%, 7%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 98%
    Test Method: HPLC
    CAS#: 20283-92-5
    Rosmarinic Acid Molecular Formula & Molecular Weight: C18H16O8; 360.31
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  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid

    Contact NowConjugated Linoleic AcidProdcut Name: Conjugated Linoleic Acid
    Appearance: White Powder
    CAS No.: 59870-68-7
    Mesh size: 70-80 Mesh
    Used Part: None
    Grade: Food
    Test Method: HPLC
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