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2 Propenoic acid

  • gamma-Aminobutyric Acid

    Contact Nowgamma-Aminobutyric AcidProduct Name: GABA gamma-Aminobutyric acid
    Chemical Formula: C4H9NO2
    CAS NO.: 56-12-2
    Appearance: White Microcrystalline Powder
    Solubility in water: 130 g/100 mL
    Specification: 99% HPLC
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  • Benzoic Acid

    Contact NowBenzoic AcidProduct Name: Benzoic Acid
    CAS No.: 65-85-0
    Other Names: Carboxybenzene
    MF: C7H6O2
    EINECS No.: 200-618-2
    Type: Preservatives
    Brand Name: LS-herb
    Appearance: White crystallized powder
    MW: 122.1214
    Grade: Food Grade
    Purity: 99%
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  • Usnic Acid

    Contact NowUsnic AcidProdcut Name: Usnic Acid
    Specification: 98%
    Appearance: Yellow powder
    Mesh size: 80 Mesh
    Used Part: Leaf
    Grade: Pharmaceuticals Ingredients
    Brand Name: LS-Herb
    Test Method: HPLC
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  • Queen Bee Acid

    Contact NowQueen Bee AcidProduct Name: Queen Bee Acid
    IUPAC Name: (E)-10-Hydroxydec-2-enoic acid
    Other Names: 10-Hydroxy-2-decenoic acid
    Royal Jelly acid
    CAS No.: 14113-05-4
    Specification: 98% Test Method: HPLC
    Appearance: White crystalline powder
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  • Azelaic Acid

    Contact NowAzelaic AcidProduct Name: Azelaic Acid
    Purity: 99%
    Appearence: Colorless to Light Yellow Crystal Powder
    CAS NO: 123-99-9
    EINECS NO: 204-669-1
    Boiling Point(℃): 286.5℃(13.3kPa)
    Melting point: 105-109℃
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  • Boswellic Acid

    Contact NowBoswellic AcidProduct Name: Boswelic Acid
    Plant origin: Boswellia Carterii Birdw
    Active ingredient: Boswelin Acid
    Specification: 65%, 90%
    Part Used : Resin Appearance: Yellow-white fine powder
    CAS NO.: 631-69-6
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  • Centella Asiatica Extract Madecassic Acid

    Contact NowCentella Asiatica Extract Madecassic AcidProduct Name: Centella asiatica extract Madecassic Acid
    Latin Name: Centella asiatica (L.) Urb.
    Part of used: Dried whole plant
    CAS No: 84696-21-9
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  • Kojic Acid Dipalmitate

    Contact NowKojic Acid DipalmitateProdcut Name: Kojic Acid Dipalmitate
    Assay: 98%
    Synonym: Kojic dipalmitate, KAD
    Chemical Name:
    2-Palmitoyloxymethyl-5-palmitoyloxy-pyrone; 2-Palmitoyloxymethyl-5-palmitoyloxy-γ-pyrone
    CAS NO.: 79725-98-7
    Molecular Formula: C38H66O6
    Molecular Weight: 618.9
    Appearance: White Crystals Powder
    Melting point: 92~96℃
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  • Olea Europea Extract Oleanolic Acid

    Contact NowOlea Europea Extract Oleanolic AcidEnglish Name: Olea Europea Extract
    Part Used: Fruit
    Latin Name: Ligustrum lucidum Ait.
    Active ingredients: Oleanolic Acid
    Specification: 40% 98%
    Test method: HPLC
    Shelf life: 24 months
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  • P-Coumaric Acid

    Contact NowP-Coumaric AcidProdcut Name: P-Coumaric Acid
    CAS: 501-98-4
    Specification: 98%
    Appearance: White powder
    Mesh size: 80 Mesh
    Test Method: HPLC
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