Dill Weed Extract

English Name: Dill Weed Extract
Origin: Whole plant
Appearance: Yellow Powder
Latin Name: Anethum graveolens
Specification: 10:1 20:1
Test method: TLC
Shelf Life: 24 months

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    Dill, and in particular its leaves and seeds, are highly regarded in the alimentary world. While the leaves are herbs, the seeds are considered spices. This means that dill can be used to complement a wide range of different meals and foods. In particular, dill is often used as an accompaniment for fish-based dishes, but also mixes well with eggs or cheese-based preparations, among others. In addition, dill leaves are commonly eaten raw, as a salad topping, added to dressings, or after being pickled.

    English Name: Dill Weed Extract

    Origin: Whole plant

    Appearance: Yellow Powder

    Latin Name: Anethum graveolens

    Specification: 10:1 20:1

    Test method: TLC

    Shelf Life: 24 months

         Functions of Dill Weed Extract     

    1. Your perfect partner for health in your kitchen:

    Dill weed extract has a unique aroma that simply adds up to the flavor of various cuisines. It is one among the primary herbs in a number of kitchens across the globe including Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Also known as Lao Coriander it is often used in pickles and in fish dishes due to the high concentration of carvone which is antimicrobial in nature.

    2. Nature’s powerhouse of calcium:

    Dill seed extract is a good source of calcium, dietary fiber, manganese, iron and magnesium. The presence of arginine strengthens bones, teeth and helps in the prevention of bone loss that occurs after menopause and even after some severe problems like rheumatoid arthritis. Few reliable sources even state that Dill seed oil is effective for treating hiccups due to its high calcium content.

    3. Promising carminative with handful of digestive benefits:

    β-phellandrene, α-pinene and other constituents of Dill seed oil attribute to the carminative property of the oil that helps in preventing the formation of gas in your intestines as well as aid in the expulsion of gas. It helps in the secretion of bile, a fluid produced by liver that aids in digestion. Dill seed oil is also stomachic in nature and assists in curing stomach pains that occur during menstrual cycles. It fights against flatulence, constipation, hiccups and colic in infants.

    4. Helps in combating free radicals and preventing cancer:

    Dill weed extract is rich in monoterpenes, which activate the secretion of the enzyme glutathione-S-transferase. This enzyme helps in putting together the anti-oxidant molecule glutathione to the oxidized ones thus helping in prevention of cancer. It is also an excellent neutralizing agent of carcinogenic substances like benzopyrenes found in cigarette smoke, charcoal grill smoke, and the smoke produced by trash incinerators.

    5. Reduces the level of cholesterol in the body:

    A recent study on Dill weed extract has been proved to possess antihyperlipidaemic and antihypercholesterolaemic effects. It fights against hyperlipidemia that describes a condition of elevated levels of lipid formation and hyper cholesterol, which is nothing but increased cholesterol level in the body.

    6. Insomniates? Then heres your lovable lullaby:

    The soothing, calming and refreshing effects of flavonoids and group B vitamins in Dill seed oil helps in regulating the secretion of hormones and enzymes in our body that pacifies the nervous system. It is generally recommended for people suffering from insomnia and nervous disorders.

    7. Helps treat allergies and inflammation:

    Dill weed extract fights against inflammation and allergies. People with oral inflammation in the throat and mouth are administered with this oil. Monoterpenes and flavonoids help in cleansing the respiratory system in case of allergies. Add 2 drops of Dill oil in steam inhalation and inhaling this medicated aroma helps in alleviating respiratory infections and allergies.

    8. Fights against microbes:

    Since Dill weed extract is rich in antimicrobial, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties it acts as a disinfectant and helps in killing the disease causing germs and micro organisms. This oil also acts as a mouth freshener by killing the microbes and fighting against the free radicals that affect the gums and teeth with its antioxidant effects. Add 1 drop of Dill oil in a cup of warm water and use it as a mouthwash for battling against harmful microbes causing oral infections.

    Bacteria, fungus, virus and other micro organisms are the root cause of many diseases. Dill weed extract protects you against these infections and is a valuable remedy for cold, cough, flu, fever, bronchitis, spasms, respiratory tract diseases and healing wounds.

  • Below 5KG

    Aluminum foil bag inside, carton outside

    Above 6~25KG

    Double sealed PP bags inside, fiber drum outside

    Drum Volume

    25KG Drum: 37cm*37cm*51cm

    10KG Drum: 30cm*30cm*40cm

    Carton Volume

    1KG Carton: 200mm*200mm*260mm

    5KG Carton: 250mm*330mm*270mm


    We could pack as your requirements, and OEM & ODM welcome.



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