Walnut Powder

Prodcut Name: Walnut Powder
Latin Name: Juglans regia L.
Specification: Pure Powder
Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder
Mesh size: 80 Mesh
Grade: Food & Medical
Brand Name: LS-Herb

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    XI’ AN LESEN BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. specializes in the ten years of plant extracts and export trade, to provide customers with high-quality, organic, natural, good price of various plant extracts, fruit and vegetable powder, as well as cosmetics, chemical raw materials.

    Walnuts are edible kernels obtained from the tree belonging to the Juglandaceae family, in the genus, Juglan. The nuts have been revered since ancient times as the symbol of intellectuality since their bi-lobed kernels inside the hard shell feature convoluted surface resembling as that of the human brain! They enriched with many health-benefiting nutrients, especially omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for optimum health.

    There at least 30 different cultivars types of walnut grown world-over. However, only three popular varities grown for their commercial purposes are English or Persian walnut (Juglans regia), Black walnut (Juglans nigra), and the White or butternut walnut (Juglans cinerea). Commercially, they are being cultivated in the United States of America, Romania, France, Turkey, and China. After plantation, the tree takes approximately four years until it produces its first major crop.

    Prodcut name: Walnut Powder

    Latin Name: Juglans regia L.

    Specification: Pure Powder                                              

    Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder

    Mesh size: 80 Mesh

    Grade: Food & Medical

    Brand Name: LS-Herb


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    Functions of Walnut Powder:

    1. Walnut powder is a rich source of energy and holds several health benefiting nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins that are essential for optimum health and wellness.

    They are the rich source of monounsaturated fatty acids (about 72%) like oleic acid and an excellent source of all important omega-3 essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and arachidonic acids. Research studies suggest that Mediterranean diet which is rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids, and omega-3 fatty acids may help cut-down risk of coronary artery disease, and strokes by favoring healthy blood lipid profile.

    2. Additionally, they are the rich source of many phyto-chemical substances that may contribute to their overall antioxidant activity, including melatonin, ellagic acid, vitamin E, carotenoids, and polyphenolic compounds. These compounds are known to have potential health effects against cancer, aging, inflammation, and neurological diseases.

    3. Further, they are an excellent source of vitamin E, especially rich in gamma-tocopherol; carry about 21 g per 100 g (about 140% of daily-required levels). Vitamin E is a powerful lipid soluble antioxidant, required for maintaining the integrity of cell membrane of mucous membranes and skin by protecting it from harmful oxygen-free radicals.

    4. They also very are the rich source of minerals such as manganese, copper, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and selenium. Copper is a cofactor for many vital enzymes, including cytochrome c-oxidase and superoxide dismutase (other minerals function as co-factors for this enzyme are manganese and zinc). Zinc is a co-factor in many enzymes that regulate growth and development, sperm generation, digestion, and nucleic acid synthesis. Selenium is an important micronutrient, which functions as a co-factor for anti-oxidant enzymes such as glutathione peroxidases.

    Applications of Walnut Powder:

    Walnut powder has the flavorful nutty aroma and exhibits excellent astringent properties. When applied locally it helps keep skin well protected from dryness. It has also been employed in cooking, and as “carrier or base oil” in traditional medicines in massage therapy, aromatherapy, in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

  • Below 5KG

    Aluminum foil bag inside, carton outside

    Above 6~25KG

    Double sealed PP bags inside, fiber drum outside

    Drum Volume

    25KG Drum: 37cm*37cm*51cm

    10KG Drum: 30cm*30cm*40cm

    Carton Volume

    1KG Carton: 200mm*200mm*260mm

    5KG Carton: 250mm*330mm*270mm


    We could pack as your requirements, and OEM & ODM welcome.



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