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Our Value

At present LeSen team have more than 30 employees. These including 2 senior engineers, a doctor degree 1, 4 employees with master degree 4 people, and 25 employees with bachelor degrees. Highly educated talents employees possess us of strong research strength in plant extracts production & herbal formula solutions research, and professional in customer service.

 LeSen pays attention to developing its staff, 

Our value includes:  

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  Some of LeSen core strengths include:   

1. Mission & Vision

Bring the herbal extract to the world and benefit all human’s health.

Be the top material & solution supplier for global nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry.

Be a top world brand over a century.

2. Formulations

We focus on plant extracts manufacturing as well as efficient herbal formula research, being a partnership with Shaanxi provincial key laboratory of biotechnology in Northwest University, LeSen has strong research ability and in-depth study in the herbal formula, with the ability to develop mature herbal formulas with the specific effect.