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Arjuna Turmeric Extract Is Patent For European Union
Aug 08, 2018

Not long ago, Arjuna Naturals Ltd.'s natural turmeric extract, BCM-95, received a new patent, further consolidating its position in the European market. The patent for "therapeutic ingredients", awarded by the European Patent Office (EPO), is seventeenth patents obtained by Arjuna on BCM-95 Jiang Huang extract. Before that, BCM-95 had 13, 2, and 1 patents in the United States, Japan, and Europe respectively.

The new patent covers active curcumin, demethoxycurcumin, dimethoxycurcumin and aryl curcumin from Arjuna. Studies have shown that turmeric essential oil can help treat depression, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and Alzheimer's disease. At present, the patent has been strictly enforced in most countries of the European Union and the United States.

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Dr. Benny Antony, Arjuna's co-managing director, said the patent license marked BCM-95 as the mainstay of the European market. To meet the growing demand for the market, Arjuna has been equipped with a continuous extraction device that relies solely on solar power, which is more than three times its output in Coimbatore, India. At present, curcumin with high bioavailability has become the leading brand in the United States.

As early as 2017, BCM-95 had passed the GRAS security of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which meant it would become a trustworthy cleaning brand. BCM-95 from the purchase of raw materials to the production process is strictly controlled by the quality, and ensures the traceability of the products from the farm to the finished product supply chain to ensure a clean, clean and safe product to the consumer. In addition, its therapeutic efficacy has also been proved by rigorous clinical trials. Up to now, up to 42 clinical studies have been reported on the health benefits of BCM95, and 10 of the ongoing studies have been done.

The turmeric extract can be evenly distributed in the water system, Antony indicates that it can be used in many fields, such as beverage, dietary supplement, nutrition stick and candy manufacture. From the market outlook, according to Google data, the retrieval of Curcuma has risen significantly since 2004, and the sales of BCM-95 have also increased greatly, showing a trend of prosperity.