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300 KGS Natural And Biological PesticidesTea Saponin To Ecuador
Aug 09, 2016

Thank you for your kind order. The goods have been shipped out. Hope you receive it soon. Here is the details:

Product name: Tea saponin

Quantity: 300KGS

Destination: Ecuador

Product Details:

Product name: tea saponin

Latin Name: Camellia oleifera seed

Use Part: Seed

Test Method: HPLC

Appearance:  yellow powder

Brand Name: LS-Herb


Natural and biological pesticides tea saponin is extracted from tea seeds out of a class of compounds glucoside, is a good natural surfactant, which can be widely used in light industry, chemicals, pesticides, beverages, farming, textiles, oil, mining, building materials and in areas such as highway construction, manufacturing emulsifier, detergent, pesticide additives, feed additives, crab aquaculture agent, textile auxiliaries, oil flotation reagents, mining lubricants, as well as stability of aerated concrete antifreeze agent, such as with the highway. 


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