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The Application of High Purity Nobiletin
Nov 29, 2017

Nobiletin is a kind of flavone extracted from citrus fruit and peel of rutocarpine. It is classified by structure and belongs to multi methoxy flavone. Pericarpium Citri has anti blood cell agglutination, anti thrombosis, anti-cancer, anti fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti allergic, anti cholinesterase and antiepileptic effects. It is a promoter of carbohydrate metabolism.

Show that the Rutaceae citrus fruit and peel compounds, hesperetin and naringenin, high purity nobiletin on human oral epidermoid carcinoma cell anti proliferation experiment, nobiletin, naringenin and nobiletin on proliferation of human oral epidermoid carcinoma cells significantly inhibited, and nobiletin inhibit the proliferation of oral cancer cells is the most obvious, and can be used for the preparation of health care products and drug prevention and treatment of oral cancer, suitable for large-scale promotion effect.

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The effective dose of high purity nobiletin inhibited the proliferation of oral epidermoid carcinoma cells, but also small potential side effects, the use of more security can be specific carrier for nobiletin and pharmaceutically acceptable to prepare medicaments or health care products for injection, tablets, capsules, granules, powder, ointment, cream or oral liquid agent type drug formulations, not limited to.

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