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Silymarin-Liver Protector
May 27, 2016

What is Milk thistle Extract (Silybum marianum extract)?

Milk Thistle Extract is a natural herb that provides hepatoprotective properties and supports liver function. Silymarin is a unique favonolignan compound—containing Silybin, Isosilybin, Silydianin, Silychristin—that is derived from the Silybum marianum plant seeds. And yellow or brown powder in form, bitter in taste. These unique phytochemicals from the milk thistle have been the subject of decades of research into their beneficial properties. It has the efficacy of liver protecting, improving the function of liver, promoting biliation and diminish liver inflammation. As a kind of better antioxidant, it can clearing free radical in human body, postpone senility. Silymarin can protect the liver from damage of alcohol, chemical toxicant, drug, food poison, environmental pollution; accelerate liver cell regenerating and repairing. So it is called “The natural liver-protection drug”. In addition, Silymarine has the function of radiation hardening, arteriosclerosis preventing, skin-aging delaying. It is widely used in drug, health products, food and cosmetics.

Safety Concerns

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reviewed the effects of milk thistle on liver disease and cirrhosis, noting that serious adverse reactions are virtually unheard of. The most common reported complaints were gastrointestinal disturbances, but the overall incidence was no different from placebo. Allergic reactions, ranging from pruritus and rash to eczema and anaphylaxis, are rare.


Dosage Information

Most clinical trials have used daily dosages of 420 to 480 mg silymarin, divided into two or three doses daily. Until the specific effects of each of the flavonolignans is known and products are available that contain standardized ratios of these components, the optimal dosage will remain unknown. Table 1 outlines the efficacy, safety, tolerability, dosage, and cost of milk thistle.