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Oyster Shell Extract Benefits and Applications
Nov 27, 2017

In many oyster health care products, it can be divided into two categories: one is the health care product made of oyster extract as the main ingredient; the other is the oyster shell extractas the main raw material for health care products.

1. Application of Oyster Extract in Food Industry

The development of health food with oyster extract initially focuses on its nourishing and strengthening function. At present, researchers based on the extensive physiological activity of extracts, starting from different therapeutic purposes, supplemented with linoleic acid, VitE and soybean lecithin and other health care drugs, develop a lot of health care products.

Oyster meat contains a lot of glycogen. Glycogen is an energy source for cellular metabolism. Glycogen supplementation can improve the heart and blood circulation, and improve liver function and liver protection. The glycogen in oysters can also be absorbed and utilized directly by the body, thus reducing the burden on the pancreas, so it is very useful for diabetes. The oyster cattle sulfonic acid is a kind of high content of sulfur-containing amino acids, has many physiological activities, plays an important physiological role in the normal development of the baby on the retina and central nervous system, on the human body function to poison, antioxidation, stable biofilm and regulating osmotic pressure also has an important role. The medical and health effects of oyster extract are largely related to the beef acid.

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The functional oysters, therapeutic products, food additives and condiments developed from oyster soft ware have been listed in the market. Among them, Japan has the highest level of development in this field, and more than 50 kinds of functional food and curative products produced from oyster soft extract are developed. The capsules, tablets and liquid type functional foods and therapeutic products are developed and produced.

2. Oyster Shell ExtractApplied to Health Food

Oyster shell extract health care products, mainly rely on the physiological activity of calcium ions, it has anti-cancer, prevention and treatment of diabetes, prevention and treatment of rickets, treatment of chronic renal insufficiency caused by osteoporosis, and prevention and treatment of skin allergic diseases and other effects. As a food additive, the active calcium ion has no influence on the color, aroma and taste of the original food. It can directly strengthen all kinds of food, and can substitute for NaHCO3 or Na2CO3 for noodle making food to achieve neutralizing acid and increasing calcium effect. Thirdly, the calcium content of active ion calcium is more than 50%, which can be used as a new calcium source in nutrition fortifier, and increase the source of calcium in human diet. Therefore, oyster shell active calcium has become a hot spot in the development of health care products.

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