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How to identify real Matcha Tea powder
May 26, 2016

Matcha tea powder can be consumed in various ways, such as drinking and baking. Traditionally, matcha is whisked up in hot water and finely stirred in a matcha bowl, but it can also be made in a blender. However, matcha is still a relatively new concept to most of the Western nations. Because of this, people sometimes end up unknowingly purchasing a low quality Matcha, only to have a bad first experience. In Japan, Matcha has a rich history of over 800 years and is an established part of the culture. It is not uncommon for the average Japanese individual to be able to discern the difference between high and low quality Matcha, or even between Matcha and imitation Matcha or Sencha powder.

Matcha should have a nice, vibrant green color; a color that is often described as a jade green. Lower grades of Matcha tend to have more of a yellowish/brownish hue. A good quality organic matcha tea powder is vibrant green in color. Inferior quality matcha powder is somewhat yellowish green or army green in hue and even after whisking, it remains the same.

Good quality powder has a natural, vegetal, sweet taste, while an inferior quality is identified with a more bitter taste.High quality matcha powder should smell sweet due to being rich in amino acids and astringent.These elements are not present in lower quality matcha powder. Whisk the powder in a bowl. Low-quality matcha will not properly froth, whereas good quality matcha powder can be properly whisked into a uniform consistency without any lumps.Identify the source of the powder. To ensure that you are purchasing good quality organic matcha green tea powder, check the direct source or origin. The best quality of matcha is produced and processed in Japan, especially in the Kyoto, Uji and Nishio regions.

A high quality matcha tea powder looks and feels more like a fine powder than your typical loose leaf tea. The feel and texture of the powder itself can reveal a true quality matcha. A high quality is very fine and silky, similar to the feel of eye shadow, because its particle size is only 5-10 microns, meaning that it is as fine as baby powder. A lower-quality grade has a bigger particle size, which results in a coarser feel when rubbed between your fingers.

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