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How to Build Muscle With 4- AD(4-Androstenedione) Naturally?
Dec 20, 2017

4-androstenedione is one of the preconditions for synthesis of testosterone, the same as that of its sibling, 5-androstenedione. Compared with ordinary andros (anzhu), its main advantage is that it has three times the effect of ordinary anzhu. And it doesn't turn into either a female or a dihydrotestosterone; The synthesis is also stronger. These key features make the 4- androstenedione a new standard for boosting testosterone and stimulating synthetic hormones. So how does it work? First, there is an enzyme in the liver (17 -b hydroxyl steroid dehydrogenase). 17BHSD) converts it to testosterone, which means that it's basically a step away from testosterone. It's called 4-andro-3b-17b-dione. This site provides high quality 4-androstenedione.

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Your testosterone levels in the body is your lean body mass and increases strength and volume of the key factors, 4 - androstenedione can boost your testosterone levels in the blood vessels in the body and maintain a rise in testosterone levels for 2 hours. This requires you to take 4-androstenedione for 1.5 hours before lifting weights or strength training. In this way, 4-androstenedione can make muscles grow more and faster during training, increasing power, volume and weight at a faster rate. Testosterone levels are also associated with promoting recovery time, healing of muscle injuries, increasing muscle hypertrophy, and reducing muscle atrophy. Testosterone can also increase peripheral blood's ability to carry oxygen through red blood cell volume. The results showed that the conversion rate of testosterone was 15.76%

The recommended dosage of 4-androstenedione is between 100 mg and 600 mg per day. Because of the androgenic effect of 4-androdione, women are not recommended.

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