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High Quality Chicory Root Powder Benefits
Dec 05, 2017

High quality chicory root powder (also known as inulin) is a mixture of 2~60 - beta - fructan. Our country mainly from Jerusalem artichoke (artichoke, ginger extract, devil) is a kind of natural functional food ingredients, and has the function of dual characteristics of soluble dietary fiber and oligosaccharides, but also excellent fat substitute.

The production and application of high quality chicory root powder in Western European countries has been started since 1986. At present, the annual output of inulin in the world is about 100 thousand tons, and more than 500 kinds of food have been applied. Especially in the dairy industry, dairy products are ideal food system using inulin, because it helps to increase calcium absorption and simulate the taste of fat in low-fat dairy products. Inulin has moderate solubility in water, which enables it to combine well with dairy products, rather than precipitation problems caused by other fibers. Using inulin as a ingredient in dairy products is very convenient and can improve the function of dairy products greatly.

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High Quality Chicory Root Powder Benefits:

1. Low calorie value: after eating inulin, human body will not decompose in the digestive system, and only produce very small calories (less than 1 thousand and 500 calories / gram). Therefore, it becomes a typical low heat food ingredient. Inulin is often used to replace sucrose and fat to reduce the heat of food.

2. Dietary fiber: inulin is a natural water-soluble dietary fiber, it can help the body get a more balanced diet, so inulin is often used as a ingredient in high fiber food, at the same time, it improves the flavor and quality of food.

3. Bifidobacterium: inulin and oligofructose added with similar metabolic pathways in the human body, with all the physiological function of inulin oligosaccharides, probiotics can be used in the human gut, can make about Bifidobacterium value 10 times, at the same time will significantly reduce the harmful bacteria, improve body flora, promote health, inulin has been listed as an important factor of bifidobacterium.

4. For calcium, magnesium and iron mineral absorption: studies show that intake of inulin can increase uptake of important minerals (such as Ca, Mg, Fe), and increased bone mineral density, it was confirmed that Dr. Abrams and team study, intake of 8 grams of chrysanthemum powder every day, can improve the calcium absorption rate of about 20%.

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