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High Quality Butterbur Extract for Allergies
Dec 19, 2017

Butterbur extract is a herb extract derived from a common weed in Europe, which can effectively replace antihistamines. Studies have shown that it can reduce histamine and other inflammatory substances in patients with allergies.

According to the study, the butterbur extract is as effective as cetirizine. Cetirizine is the active ingredient in Zyrtec, an antihistamine commonly used in the public. Moreover, even if cetirizine is not a sleeping antihistamine, it is found that it will make the patient drowsy after taking it, but there is no such side effect.

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The experiment found that bakkenolide can reduce allergic rats and reduce the number of scratching nose sneezing nose symptoms, histopathological observation it can effectively reduce the nasal mucosa is the number of eosinophil infiltration, the mechanism of bakkenolide anti allergic rhinitis by inhibiting IL-4 specific antibody IgE decreased, indirect reduction of mast cells Histamine, in order to alleviate the symptoms of allergic rhinitis; on the other hand because of the reduced IL-4 factor, resulting in a reduction in the number of nasal mucosa infiltration of eosinophils. All in all, bee pollen can reduce the number of specific antibodies IgE by inhibiting IL-4, thereby indirectly reducing the number of activated mast cells and infiltrating eosinophils, and finally relieving allergic rhinitis.

Attention, butterbur and ragweed are the same family plants. If you are allergic to the ragweed, the use of butterbur extract may aggravate the allergy symptoms. Most adults and children are well tolerated and can be taken safely. However, it is not recommended for pregnant women.

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