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High Purity Matcha Green Tea Powder Benefits
Dec 07, 2017

In recent years, because of the health care function of high purity matcha green tea powder is prominent, more and more consumers of all ages are recognized and favored. Is the green tea powder of fresh tea leaves as raw materials or finished products Green Tea, after low temperature superfine pulverizing technology in certain processing, processed into granules in 10 - 80 micron superfine tea powder. High purity matcha green tea powder to maintain the original flavor, tea quality, style and nutrition and health care ingredients.

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High purity matcha green tea powder particles, can achieve instant, and easily absorbed by human body, so it is widely used in the manufacture of ice cream, bread, cake, candy, jelly and other food ingredients, as strengthening flavor or health care nutrition. The application of green tea in food, with all kinds of food natural color and tea flavor, and with its unique antioxidant properties, effectively prevent food browning, prolong the retention period of food.

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