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High Purity Fucoxanthin Supplement Benefits
Dec 22, 2017

Fucoxanthin is a typical carotenoid found in chloroplast, which can make algae appear brown or olive green. There are generally three types of algae: green algae, red algae, and brown algae. Similar to other carotenoids, the algal yellow also has antioxidant properties.

Fucoxanthin class material so exciting, the reason is that: the research hotspot now transferred to sea seaweed polysaccharides from algae, carotene, from fucus on glycan fucus yellow qualitative change is the best example. The polysaccharide is a kind of typical sulfate polysaccharide found in several kinds of seaweed extracts, which has various health effects including anti-angiogenesis. However recently as from a low concentration of carotenoids found in algae, fucus xanthine has shown some unique efficacy, especially it can mediate in the adipose tissue coupling protein 1 (UCP contains 1 or thermogenesis protein) content, make it in the weight loss products become the new "super star".


In addition, high purity fucoxanthin supplement has the potential to "surface" any other Marine health food. It is neither an appetite suppressant like a butterfly's cacti nor a lipid blocker like ephedrine and white kidney beans. It works by converting fat stored in the body into proteins that are then used by the body.

The principle of lipid-reducing reaction of fucoxanthin has no influence on normal metabolic process, which can lead to healthy weight loss and eliminate accumulation of waste fat in the body. The dietary supplement can help improve the stomach environment, reduce the cholesterol content, and inhibit the spread and metastasis of carcinogenic factors in the high lesion area. After a long period of experiment, the role of fucoxanthin in improving liver function has been advocated by scientists and dietitians.

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