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High Purity Alpha Arbutin
Nov 28, 2017

Arbutin, also known as bearberry leaves glucoside, or Yang mei glucoside, because of its earliest derived from natural green plant, is a collection of "green", "safe" and "efficient" concept, which integrates skin whitening active substances. It can quickly penetrate into skin, without affecting the concentration of skin cell proliferation at the same time, effectively inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the skin, blocking the formation of melanin, through the combination of itself and tyrosinase, accelerate the melanin's decomposition and discharge, thus reducing the skin pigment deposition, remove spots and freckles. It is not harmful to melanocytes, stimulating, sensitizing and other side effects, but also moisturizing, creating, sterilizing and synergizing. It is one of the most safe and effective whitening materials abroad, and is the most competitive skin whitening and anti-whitening agent in the 21st century.

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High purity alpha arbutin is widely used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other fields. In cosmetics, the skin can whiten and remove skin effectively, gradually desalinate, remove the freckles of the skin, yellow brown spots, melanin, acne and senile plaques. Characterized by no toxicity, irritation, sensitization, has security and stability to the ultraviolet irradiation, has good compatibility with cosmetics components, to achieve whitening, spot, moisturizing, soft, wrinkles, anti-inflammatory effect. As the raw material of burn, High purity alpha arbutin is the main component of the new burn medicine, characterized by rapid pain relief, strong anti-inflammatory ability, rapid removal of redness and swelling, quick healing and no scar. As the raw material for the intestinal anti-inflammatory drug: sterilization, anti-inflammatory effect, non-toxic side effects.

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