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Ferulic Acid Powder Skin Care
Jan 08, 2018

As an effective natural antioxidant, ferulic acid powder is highly safe and is widely used in the fields of food, cosmetics and new drug research and development. In recent years, as the antioxidant, whitening, and anti - inflammatory effect of ferulic acid is obvious, it has also been paid attention to in the cosmetic industry.

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Ferulic acid powder is a derivative of cinnamic acid (cinnamic acid), and the chemical name is 4- hydroxy methoxy cinnamic acid, a kind of phenolic acid in essence. Extraction of ferulic acid from wheat bran, angelica, chuanxiong, horsetail grass, ferulic in, are derivatives of cinnamic acid. The pharmacokinetics of ferulic acid indicates that ferulic acid can be absorbed by human body, and can be excreted from urine in time. It will not accumulate and cause cumulative toxicity in human body. If the dosage is too high, the sensitive skin, pregnant women will not recommend the use of high concentration of ferulic acid products.

Notice that when we chooseferulic acid products, we should take good care of the ingredient list and avoid the components of ferulic acid derivatives, because the derivatives are much less effective than ferulic acid. On the other hand, ferulic acid is generally dissolved in propanediol and is used as a solvent. It is not recommended to use the products of the main ferulic acid as the only moisturizing product, and the follow-up of dry skin is best used with good moisturizing cream.

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