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Excellent Price Annona Muricata Fruit Powder
Dec 18, 2017

Annona muricata fruit powderwith high quality soursop pulp as raw material, using spray drying processing technology and the advanced. Maintained a maximum of soursop the flavor, contains a variety of vitamins and acids. Powdery, good fluidity, good taste, easy to dissolve, easy to preserve.

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The scope of application of excellent price annona muricata fruit powder: medicine and health care products, health food, infant food, beverage, dairy products, convenience food, condiment, puffed food, old food, baking food, leisure food, cold drinks and snacks.

The Effect of Excellent Price Annona Muricata Fruit Powder:

1. Promoting the effect of pancreatic B cells.

2. Inhibition of the hatching of the larvae of bovine ticks;

3. Hypoglycemic effect;

4. Liver preservation, antioxidation;

5. Pulmonary tuberculosis, gastroenteritis, swelling and so on inside.

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