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Cosmetic & Health Ingredient -Motherwort Extract
Dec 06, 2017

Motherwort extract is made from herbs herba leonuri enrichment processing of fine powder, small cold, bitter taste, new born to stasis, qi and regulate the menstrual function, diuresis detumescence, is past dynasties doctor to medicine used to treat disease of department of gynaecology. Modern medical research has shown that there are many alkaloids such as motherwort alkali, hydrosuline, motherwort, prophylactic acid and potassium chloride, etc.

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A large number of active ingredients are preserved in the motherwort extract, which has a good effect on the formation of natural moisturizing factors and promotes the moisturizing of the skin. The extract of yimu extracts has a good inhibitory effect on the activity of tyrosinase in melanin cells, which can prevent the skin pigmentation and prevent freckles. It can be used as a cosmetic anti-aging additive.

Motherwort extract contains many trace elements. Selenium has the function of enhancing immune cell activity, alleviating atherosclerosis and improving the function of the body's defense disease. Manganese can resist oxidation, anti - aging, fatigue and cancer cell proliferation. So, the probus extract can benefit the beauty, anti-aging and anti-aging. There are different levels of inhibitory effects on skin pathogenicity fungi, such as xuanhuang tinea, cytoplasm, red epidermis and astrocaria in vitro.

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