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China Factory Supplier Instant Black Tea Powder
Nov 10, 2017

Black tea powder is produced by Black Tea, Black Tea is fermented baked, fermented tea in oxidase under the action of red oxide, as Black Tea, can help digestion, promote appetite, diuresis and elimination of edema, and a strong heart function.

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1. Black Tea Powder Diuretic

Black tea powder, like black tea, also contains a large number of caffeine components and aromatic substances, can increase renal blood flow, improve glomerular filtration rate, has an excellent diuretic effect and role.

2. Black Tea Powder Relieves Heat and Relieves Summer Heat

When the weather is hot, soak a cup of black tea powder, it can play a very good role in clearing heat, relieving summer heat and promoting fluid production. This is mainly due to Black Tea powder contains polyphenols, rich in carbohydrates, such as pectin, these ingredients can stimulate the secretion of saliva, the mouth to produce cool feeling, is a very good drink to quench the thirst of health.

3. Black Tea Powder Refreshing

As we all know, most teas contain caffeine, and black tea powder is made from black tea, which is rich in caffeine. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and stimulates the vascular system and heart. Therefore, black tea powder also has the effect and function of refreshing and eliminating fatigue.

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