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China Factory Supplier Chlorella Powder Benefits
Dec 25, 2017

Chlorella powder has high nutritional value. It is a natural and balanced nutritional food, and is widely used in food, health care products, beauty and other fields. The variety of nutrients it contains has a very good effect on the growth and healthy growth of the human body.

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A variety of amino acids and lipoproteins contained in China factory supplier chlorella powder can activate human cells, repair damaged genes and promote the growth of organs and tissues. The vitamin group contained in chlorella powder can effectively antioxidation, free body radicals, improve heart and lung function, and play the role of beauty delaying senility. When it comes to the elimination of free radicals of food as well as pine pollen, chitin (chitin is a cationic, positive charge nature in the area can effectively remove the body of negatively charged anion, spirulina powder etc.).

Chlorella powder and spirulina powder contain algal polysaccharides and trace elements. These elements can play the role of anti fatigue, anti atherosclerosis and so on. One of the special features of Chlorella is that it has a unique CGF active factor that can regulate immunity, effectively repair the injury of the body, and enhance the phagocytosis of the cell. It is very obvious for children and old people to eat Chlorella.

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