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Benefits of Annona Muricata Fruit Powder
Nov 15, 2017

Soursop (scientific name: Annona muricata), commonly known as red hair durian, a tropical fruit, belonging to the Annonaceae annona. Although there are two characters in the alias "Durian", but not the smell, the classification of similar production in the Taiwan area of sakyamuni. The flesh is milky, sweet and sour, the seeds black, scattered in the flesh texture.

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1. Annona Muricata Fruit Powder Can Delay Aging

Human aging is one of the most important annona muricata fruit powder has a natural effect, large amounts of antioxidants in the fruit, edible after people can reduce the human internal oxidation, can remove free radicals, is obvious to improve the function of organs and anti-aging effect.

2. Annona Muricata Fruit Powder Can Prevent Constipation

There are large amounts of dietary fiber and a variety of cellulose annona muricata fruit powder, after these substances into the human intestinal tract can accelerate bowel movement, can accelerate the formation and excretion of feces, prevent and relieve constipation effect.

3. Annona Muricata Fruit Powder Can Be Anti-cancer Anti Parasite

Annona muricata fruit powder is a kind of special fruit can prevent cancer, generating its nutrients can prevent cancer cells, this argument has been confirmed by scientists as early as more than 20 years ago, it is said that cancer cell extracts soursop on more than 20 kinds of cancer have to restrain and control the formation of another Annona litchi of human internal parasites have a strong elimination effect, has good curative effect on parasite Ascaris led to.

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