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3 Amazing Uses for Aloe Vera Extract
Dec 29, 2017

Aloe vera extract is a powder extract of the aloe aloe Aloe Vera L.ver.chinensis (Haw.) Berger leaf of Liliaceae. After investigation, the extract of aloe vera can be used in various products.

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1. Application of aloe vera extract in medicine.

Aloe polysaccharides in aloe extract have been produced by the Carrington laboratory in the United States and are approved for the treatment of human AIDS. According to Dr. W.Winters Health Sciences Center Dezhou University of the United States, aloe contains at least 140 ingredients, including control of cell growth and differentiation of components, anti infective composition, growth stimulation of white blood cells and other immune cells can promote callus composition, composition etc.. The Japanese Journal of cancer research reports that aloe contains at least 3 kinds of antitumor substances, such as cannabinoid, mannose and plant lectin. Aloe also has the functions of enhancing immunity, promoting intestinal peristalsis, preventing radiation and preventing cardiovascular diseases. In addition, aloe is widely used in surgery, Department of administration, Department of medicine, Department of medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, and treatment of cancer, geriatric disease and so on.

2. Aloe vera extract is used in cosmetics

Scientific research suggests. Because aloe contains glucose, mannose, uronic acid, calcium, hydration protease, hormone, hormone, protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other trace elements, and therefore has the nutrition moisture, sun protection, HangYan, hair conditioner etc, at the same time, it to soften skin, convergence, prevention and treatment of acne, prevent the skin coarse, anti-inflammatory anti-itching, hair care, keep skin tender white has a significant effect. Aloe vera has good compatibility, it can work well with various cosmetic crystal materials, and can eliminate the damage of various surfactants to the skin. Made with aloe vera extract cosmetics have care toothpaste, cleaning series of skin care products, hair products, moisturizing cream, cream products such as youth, according to the American association of cosmetics, aloe vera is America's most popular cosmetics, over 33% of consumers use the cosmetics.

3. The application of aloe vera extract in health, diet and other aspects

According to relevant data, aloe vera contains 20 kinds of amino acids and trace elements, also contains aloe emodin, strontium, germanium and other minerals, bactericidal anti-inflammatory, improve immune function, increase the interleukin, eliminate endotoxin, eliminate toxic free radicals, relieve constipation, prevent colitis, reduce blood fat prevention and control of blood sugar and blood pressure, improve the circulatory system, digestive system disease, increase appetite, improve sleep quality, etc. Can improve whole body health condition, make person energetic. In the foreign countries, aloe health products and food variety, Japan has developed aloe vera powder, aloe beverage, aloe cake and other nearly 100 varieties. America's aloe health food market is particularly broad.

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