Superfoods Dietary Supplements Moringa Leaf Powder

Latin Name: Moringa oleifera Lam
Content: polyphenols, Vitamin C
Appearance: Green powder
Brand Name: LS-Herb
Package: 1kg/Aluminum foil bag, 25kg/Fiber drumC
Payment: T/T, L/C, Paypal, Western UnionC
Lead Time: 3~5 DaysC

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  • Superfoods Dietary Supplements Moringa Leaf Powder

    XI' AN LESEN BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. specializes in the ten years of plant extracts and export trade, to provide customers with high-quality, organic, natural, good price of various plant extracts, fruit and vegetable powder, as well as cosmetics, chemical raw materials.

    Moringa powder is made from the freshly harvested leaves of the Moringa oleifera tree. Fresh Moringa powder has a deep green color and a rich nutty smell. The nutrient-packed powder is soft and fluffy when it is pure and grown in organic conditions. It dissolves easily into water or juice and is an excellent ingredient in a variety of healthy recipes. Our 100% pure and organic Moringa powder is created from the fresh young leaves of organic moringa trees.

    We harvest these trees every few months when they reach a height of approximately five feet. Moringa trees are second in the world only to bamboo in their speed of growth, and cutting the trees back stimulates a vigorous return of plant tissue and increased leaf production.     

    Prodcut Name: Moringa Leaf Powder

    Latin Name: Moringa oleifera Lam

    Content:  polyphenols, Vitamin C

    Specification: Powder 

    Appearance: Green powder

    Mesh size: 80 Mesh

    Used Part: Leaf

    Grade: Food & Pharmaceutical

    Brand Name: LS-Herb

    Test Method: TLC

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        Functions of Moringa Leaf Powder:    

    1. It inhibits the growth of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. 

    2. In high concentration it inhibits the growth of fungus.

    3. It acts as potent antitubercular and used to cure liver diseases.

    4. It stimulates the sympathetic nerve endings.

    5. It accelerates the heart beats and constricts the blood vessels.

    6. It inhibits the tone and movements of involuntary movements of the gastrointestinal tract.

        Application of Moringa Leaf Powder:   

    1. As raw materials of drugs for anti-bacterial, antidepressants, antitumor and sedation,
     it is widely used in fields of pharmaceutical and health products; 

     2. Applied in health product field, it can be used as the raw materials of healthcare product to enhance the immunity of human body; 

    3. As dietary supplements increased therapeutic function, it is widely used in fields of dietary supplement food products; 

    4. Applied in the cosmetic field, as the natural raw material of and neutral detergent, it can be added in hair shampoos and other detergents

    5. With the function of antidepressant and sedative, have an effect on the nervous system;

    6. With the function of increasing the ability of the natural defense of the body; 

    7. It can provide nourishment to the eyes and the brain; 

    8. It has the function of resisting arrhythmia, lowering pressure, falling blood sugar and protecting the cardiovascular system function


  • Below 5KG

    Aluminum foil bag inside, carton outside

    Above 6~25KG

    Double sealed PP bags inside, fiber drum outside

    Drum Volume

    25KG Drum: 37cm*37cm*51cm

    10KG Drum: 30cm*30cm*40cm

    Carton Volume

    1KG Carton: 200mm*200mm*260mm

    5KG Carton: 250mm*330mm*270mm


    We could pack as your requirements, and OEM & ODM welcome.



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