Prodcut Name: Genistein
Specification: 98%
Appearance: Yellow powder
Mesh Size: 80 Mesh
CAS No.: 446-72-0
Grade: Pharmaceuticals Ingredients

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  • Genistein

    Genistein is a variety of isoflavone which is most active, the product Genistein of our company is derived from dry and mature fruit of bean plant sophora Japonica. It is a pure and single element. It is a compound of heterocycle polyphenol.

    Genistein can combine with estrogen receptor and have weak estrogen effect. So it is also called phytoestrogen. It is antagonistic to estrogen. It has a protective effect or hormone-related diseases. It can improve and prevent climacteric syndrome and osteoporosis. It can serve as the food supplement to be widely used in various healthy food for the middle-aged and old people.

    Prodcut Name: Genistein

    Specification:  98%

    Appearance: Yellow powder

    Mesh Size: 80 Mesh

    CAS No.:  446-72-0 

    Grade: Pharmaceuticals Ingredients

    Brand Name: LS-Herb

    Test Method: HPLC

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        Genistein's Analysis Sheet:   

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        Functions of Genistein:   

    1. Genistein has the function of anti-oxidation;

    2. genistein has the properties of estrogen and anti-estrogen;

    3. Natural genistein can suppress the activation of topoisomerase II, and suppress the activation of protein tyrosine kinase(PTK);

    4. Herbal Genista Extract brings out cell's procedure death, improves the anticancer drug's effect and suppresses the blood vessel to be produced etc.

      Application of Genistein   

    Dietary supplements for capsules and tablets.

    Beverage & energy drink.

    Cosmetic additives

    Pharmaceutical stuff or intermediate of the medicine

  • Below 5KG

    Aluminum foil bag inside, carton outside

    Above 6~25KG

    Double sealed PP bags inside, fiber drum outside

    Drum Volume

    25KG Drum: 37cm*37cm*51cm

    10KG Drum: 30cm*30cm*40cm

    Carton Volume

    1KG Carton: 200mm*200mm*260mm

    5KG Carton: 250mm*330mm*270mm


    We could pack as your requirements, and OEM & ODM welcome.



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