Zinc Glycinate Nutrient Supplement

CAS No.:7214-08-6
Mol. Formula: C4H8N2O4Zn
Appearance:White powder
Grade:Food grade
Normal Package: 1kg/Aluminum foil bag, 25kg/Fiber drum
Normal Payment: T/T, L/C, Paypal, Western Union

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  • Zinc Glycinate Nutrient Supplement

     Zinc Glycine can intensify in milk goods (milk powder, milk, soymilk etc), solid drink, corn health protection, salt and other food.

    Chemical fertilizers used for industrial carbon dioxide removal of the solvent. The pharmaceutical industry mycophenolate tangled for the buffer, amino acid agent for the preparation of Ldopa and other drugs, the food industry used as seasoning agent, saccharin, though agent for the brewing, meat processing, preparation of cold drinks. In addition, the pH value can be used as a regulator and for the preparation of electroplating solution so.

    Product Name: Zinc Glycinate Nutrient Supplement

    Synonyms: Zinc Glycinate Nutrient Supplement

    CAS No.: 7214-08-6

    Mol. Formula: C4H8N2O4Zn

    Place of Origin:China (Mainland)



    Sample: Available

    Shelf Life: Two years

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    Zinc glycinate, as the third generation zinc supplementation, is formed by zinc and glycine chelate, and it is easily absorbed by human body. Product has: good palatability; No gastrointestinal stimulation; High absorption utilization; Good stability, easy to use and store; Does not affect the characteristics of quality of food when added in. It can be used to strengthen of zinc drinks, grains and their products; It also can be used for dairy products, infant formula as well as(pharmaceutical adjuvant) medicinal materials.


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