SARM 99% GW-501516 Powder

Prodcut Name: Bodybuilding SARM 99% GW-501516 powder
Keywords: GW-501516, GW501516, Cardarine
Botanical Name: /
Content: GW-501516
CAS No.: 317318-70-0
Specification: 99%
Appearance: White powder
Brand Name: LS-Herb

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  • SARM 99% GW-501516 Powder

    GW501516 is a chemical that binds to and activates the peroxisome proliferator activator receptor delta (PPAR delta). PPAR is a transcription factors, which is a protein that increases the expression of many genes (R). 

    The activation of PPAR has significant implication in improving cardiovascular health, metabolism, and as an anti-inflammatory agent. However, there are some negative effects to GW as well.

    Prodcut Name: Bodybuilding SARM 99% GW-501516 powder

    Keywords: GW-501516, GW501516, Cardarine

    Botanical Name: /

    Content: GW-501516

    CAS No.: 317318-70-0

    Specification: 99%

    Appearance: White powder

    Brand Name: LS-Herb

         Health Benefits of GW501516      

    1. Cardarine Protects the Brain

    In animals, GW 501516 protects brain vessels when they are under oxidative stress (R).

    Activation of PPAR by GW 501516 could drive the development of nerve cells (R).

    Additionally, it prevents blood vessel dysfunction, especially in brain vessels (R).

    2. Cardarine Benefits the Heart

    GW 501516 prevents oxidative damage in the heart (R).

    It decreases the risk and severity of atherosclerosis (plaque buildup in the arteries) through a number of mechanisms. GW 501516 increased levels of nitric oxide, which protects against atherosclerosis (R).

    It also reduces lesions and inflammation associated with atherosclerosis in mice (R).

    GW 501516 increases VEGF production from vessel cells, which triggers cell and blood vessel formation (R).

    GW 501516 results in an increase of HDL cholesterol and a decrease in triglycerides in animal studies, potentially decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease in patients (R).

    3. Cardarine Prevents Obesity

    GW 501516 activates PPAR, which may increase the breakdown of fatty acids and increase energy expenditure in muscle. This could help treat obesity (R).

    This treatment could protect against weight gain due to diet (R).

    Also, GW 501516 decreases glucose output by the liver and increases insulin sensitivity in mice (R).

    By driving muscle fiber development in mice, GW 501516 creates a resistance to obesity (R).

    4. Cardarine Protects the Kidneys

    In mice, it was shown to inhibit inflammation in kidney cells, and may protect against kidney disease. It does this by lowering MCP-1 expression that is generally increased in such kidney diseases (R).

    5. Cardarine Helps the Immune System

    GW 501516 is associated with the suppression of inflammation (R).

    Activated PPAR suppresses inflammation in the liver in animals by inhibiting molecules that contribute to inflammatory responses (R).

    GW 501516 can activate PPAR which protects specific skin cells from undergoing spontaneous cell death during the wound healing process (R).

    It was also shown to accelerate diabetic wound closure (R).

    6. Cardarine Protects Against Liver Damage

    PPAR activation by GW 501516 causes the liver to switch its energy source from glucose to fatty acids, thus reducing blood sugar (R).

    In mice, GW 501516 inhibited IL-6, which may help prevent insulin resistance in liver cells (R).

    Short-term use can reverse the liver damage that was due to a high fructose diet (R).

    Also, it can improve nonalcoholic liver disorder in mice (R).

    7. Cardarine Improves Muscle Growth and Stamina

    Activation of PPAR via GW501516 drives the development of muscle fibers in mice. These muscle fibers are associated with increased physical performance. They were able to run almost twice as long as other mice, indicating improved endurance (R).

    8. Cardarine May Help Heal Skin Diseases

    Activation of PPAR could improve the inflammation caused by psoriasis (a skin disorder) (R).

    It also helps during wound healing (R).




  • Below 5KG

    Aluminum foil bag inside, carton outside

    Above 6~25KG

    Double sealed PP bags inside, fiber drum outside

    Drum Volume

    25KG Drum: 37cm*37cm*51cm

    10KG Drum: 30cm*30cm*40cm

    Carton Volume

    1KG Carton: 200mm*200mm*260mm

    5KG Carton: 250mm*330mm*270mm


    We could pack as your requirements, and OEM & ODM welcome.



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